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Aleksandrs Feigmanis,
historian, researcher, contributing editor on Latvian family history.

The above are all the doctoral students of the Theological faculty of Latvian University jumping on a hill near Valga, Estonia. Aleks is second from the right.

Baltic Region Was called Russia 1890 to 1915. Cities now have new non-Russian names. Ask me for the new name of your ancestral town.

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Participate in Jews of Latvia Project Names and Fates 1941 - 1945

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TRANSLATIONS: letters, documents, pictures

Yiddish, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Latvian

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Let a Well Known Scholar based in Riga, Latvia help you research your family history in the Baltic Region. His breadth of expertise includes: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and Poland. Service for probate of estates, searches for living heirs, in Latvia and Estonia also available.

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Voyage touristique en guide et historien francophon et les recherches
genealogiques aux Pays Balts.

Alex as Tour Guide

Let Me Be Your Guide to Travel, Culture, Family History in the Baltic States


  • As a Free Service to My Clients and Future Clients I have just added a free copy of the  list of Headstones in the German Cemeteries of Riga, Latvia. Verzeichnis der deutsche Grabsteinen in Riga, Lettland.  Click on Cemeteries Tab to download the entire list.

  • As a Free Service to My Clients and Future Clients I have just added a free copy of the All Lithuania Jewish Cemetery Lists. Click on Cemeteries Tab to download the entire list.

  • Check out the Books For Sale. They are excellent resources if either you or your group is interested in the Jewish people who once lived in Latvia, Lithuania or Belarus.

  •  As a Free Service to My Clients and Future Clients I offer you a free copy of the All Latvia Jewish Cemetery Lists and I have just recently added Cemeteries in Belarus. Click on Cemeteries Tab to download the entire list.

  • New Information. If you have had research done before in this region you should know that there is new information available. Contact me to check out a possible update.

  • Click on Cemeteries Tab to see the new  Tukums and Krustpils Cemetery Lists.

  • Click on In-Stock Videos Tab to see listing of videos I have already prepared that might include your ancestral village. Videos are now available in DVD format.

  • Free Book.

In order to promote tolerance and to fight anti-Semitism in Latvia and in the world I wrote a book entitled Latvian Jewish Intelligentsia - Victims of the Holocaust, a Biographical Dictionary of 77 Latvian Musicians, Scientists, Rabbis, Artists, Industrialists, Journalists, who became victims of Nazi terror in 1941-1945.

This book will be distributed FREE OF COST in the schools and Universities of Latvia. I can send an English translation of  the text of this publication as an e-mail attachment to those interested.

Contact me and I will send you and email with a free copy of the English version of the text.

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What I Deliver

Александр Фейгманис

 магистр истории и доктор теологии с 25- летним опытом архивных исследований, предлагает:
  ГЕНЕАЛОГИЧЕСКИЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ , то есть исследование родословной Ваших предков- латышей, евреев, литовцев, эстонцев, русских, белорусов, немцев, поляков- в Латвии. Литве, Эстонии. России. Беларуси, Украине, Польше, Германии, Скандинавских странах

 Организую ТУРИСТИЧЕСКИЕ ПОЕЗДКИ в города и местечки Ваших предков в странах Прибалтики.

 Предлагаю УСЛУГИ ГИДА на русском, иврите, латышском, английском, французском, немецком языках для туристов и  туристических фирм  по маршруту Вильнюс-Рига-Таллинн. 

Провожу  из Риги- 1-дневные ПОЕЗДКИ СЧАСТЛИВОГО  НАСТРОЕНИЯ- то есть поездки по доступным ценам в заповедный сосновый лес на берегу Балтийского моря (150 км. от Риги). Всего за один день Вы гарантировано восстановите психические и физические силы Вашего организма благодаря живительным силам нетронутой природы. 

Вопросы ? Звоните: +371-26416972

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Aleks invites you to travel to the XVIII Century to visit the Rundale Palace 70 KM from Riga

Rundale Castle the Versailles of the Baltic. A castle of Duke of Kurland built in 1735-1784.

Aleks and US Tourists standing on the border between the provinces of Courlande and Livonia 25 KM from Riga. Before 1795 this was the border between the Russian Empire and the State of Poland.



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