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Nostalgic Jewish videos from Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Poland
Now Available in DVD Format At No Extra Charge

Interviews with local Jewish people, nice landscapes, old streets, synagogues, cemeteries by Aleksandrs Feigmanis,   all videos with English sound track/comments, in NTSC or PAL per your choice, 45 min.  each ready video cost $50. If you order 3 videos the total price is $125. Contact me for the price for more than three.
 Select a video from the list below and send your check and order to
Aleksandrs Feigmanis,
PO Box 19
LV-1021, Riga
You can call me directly at +371 2641-6972
Latvian-stock videos are sent within a week. If your ancestral town is not on the list ? You can order a custom video from any locality in one of the three Baltic states for $ 130,  from Poland or Belarus for $ 300.

Listen melodic Yiddish songs of old times…¯

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If the video does not start up automatically after double clicking on title, you may have to right click on name and download the file first to view it.

(The full tapes are about 45 minutes and are much better quality.)

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1.) Jurbarkas-Kaunas-Sauliai (Shavel)-Pokrojis-Birzai (226KB)  -

Come with me and see the cemeteries and synagogues of Jurbarkas, Kaunas and Pokrojis. Watch and listen to interviews with leaders of  the Jewish communities in  Kovno and Birzh. See views of  the streets and  meetings with other local Jewish people.

2.) Riga-Ventspils/Windau-Ludza-Vilnius (265KB) -

This recording includes a video chronicle of the July 1, 1941, Nazi entrance into Riga. 1999 views of a  group of UK tourists visiting the Riga Holocaust site and Jewish school. Conversation with a rabbi. A visit to the seaport town of Ventspils and meeting with members of that community. Views of the synagogue and old cemetery. There is a visit to Ludza with Dr. Kovnat of New Mexico where he met with the Levin family. We searched for Dr. Kovnat's fathers house. You will see the small picturesque synagogue and the cemetery. Then we visit Vilnius including the Jewish Museum, local Jewish people, streets of the ghetto, the monument to Gaon, panorama of the town. Very good quality of picture and sound.

3.) Kaunas 9th forth-Saulenai-Sauliai-Joniskis-Taurage-Vainutas-Silute-Telsiai-Mazheiki-Leckava-Bauska (195KB) -

Visit the archives in Kaunas, then terrible Nazi prison 9th forth . See the cemetery in Shavlyan, old synagogues in Shavel, Joniskis, Taurage. Jewish cemetery and famous Yeshiva in Telsiai, listen the interview with the leader of community in Yiddish. Leckava- the cemetery and the town. Bauska- views of the old town and the exhibition “Jews in Bauska” in local Museum.

4.) Dankere (Gostini, Glazmanka) (124KB) -

See this small legendary shtetl covered by snow in dreaming mist. Jewish homes from XIX century, school, site of synagogue, church, the cemetery in pine forest, landscapes of the region.

5.) Jewish Riga (218KB) -

Visit the capital of Latvia, the metropolis with  the population of 800 000 inhabitants. Old Jewish cemetery, ghetto area of  1941-1943, Jewish quarter of 1870-1941, Jewish craftsmen school and gymnasium, monument of Big Choral synagogue. Let enter to the acting synagogue and meet the rabbi Arye Becker. The teaching video which arise thinking about  the past and today  of Jewish history.

6.) Pikeliai-Saldus (579KB) -

One of my best videos. All Jewish sightseeing of Pikeliai in Lithuania and of Saldus/Frauenburg in Kurland province of Latvia in bright colors and  melodic Yiddish songs.

7.) Varaklani   (253KB) -

Old wooden buildings, the synagogue, the cemetery, local catholic church, the interviews with local inhabitants, old pictures and Jewish music.

8.) Jelgava(Mitau)-Tukums-Sabile-Kandava-Kuldiga (Goldingen)-Ventspils (217KB) -

Another name of this video “ Beautifull Kurland”. The most nice cities of the Kurland province  filmed during Latvian golden autumn. You never forget this video- enjoy nice landscapes, walk on cozy streets of Tukums, Jelgava and Kuldiga, see synagogues and 200 years old cemeteries.

9.) Jewish Daugavpils (Dvinsk) (279KB) -

Welcome in Dvinsk by sunny day of winter! In the company of local historian, WW2 veteran , one of those who take Berlin in 1945,  80-years old Zalman Jacub see the houses where lived famous stage manager Mihoels-Vovsi and  Chassidic sage Rogatchover gaon, join the minyan of praying Jews in current synagogue of Dvinsk. See streets of Griva where in 1865 born the rabbi Abraham Kook.

10.) Birzai (162KB) -

Only one Jew who still lives in Birzai Mr. Sheptel  Melamed show the cemetery, heder building, the synagogue. Jewish artifacts in Birzai Museum, the Yiddish inscription on the building of former asylum for poor people, views of the old streets.

11.) Akmiane (273KB) -

Local 80 years old teacher, Lithuanian lady, remember the Jews of Akmiane before ww2 and during Holocaust. The tombstones of old cemetery, the site of synagogue, whole wood buildings. Ghetto area, current inhabitants of the town.

12.) Jekabpils (Jakobstadt) and Krustpil (Kreitzburg) (338KB) -

Krustpils: the castle of  baron Korff, destroyed cemetery, former Jewish shops and houses. Jekabpils: Old town, inscriptions and nice engravings of lions and birds on the 150 years old tombstones.

13.) Dvinsk-Vishki-Preili-Riebini-Rezekne (449KB) -

The diary of 4 days long bike trip. Exciting video documentary for those who love romantic  and teaching travels. Meet and spoke with Jews of Dvinsk in the yard of synagogue, look at graves of Rogatchover gaon and rabbi Meir Simcha Katz-Kagan. Nice landscapes near Vishki, the site of synagogue and the cemetery surrounded of  the wheat field. See the cemeteries and synagogues in Preili, Riebini and Rezekne, Jewish homes and peasant farms, hear interview with the leader of Rezekne community.

14.) Rezekne- Karsava-Rezekne (435KB) -

Rezekne cemetery at the sunny evening of October 1998, Jewish quarter at night. Enter to the home of Veisman family. Then came to Karsava: site where the synagogue was, the cemetery, old Jewish houses. Again Rezekne: synagogue, old quarter. Very recommended.

15.) Kraslava (141KB) -

Golden autumn in Kraslava, probably the nicest small town in Latvia. Enjoy the world of quiet little  shtetl as from Marc Shagall painting: one floor wooden houses, synagogue, cemetery  on the bank of quick river. See the home where world famous sculpture Naum Aronson  has been born. Discover daily life of local Jews in the interview with Arkady Raichlin. Holocaust memorial. Excellent quality of picture and sound.

16.) Dagda (214KB) -

Few tourists from abroad visit this pretty town in 250 km from Riga on the hills along large lake. You have this exclusive possibility to admire the local landscapes, church and synagogue, cemetery and old dwelling houses.

17.) Piltene (226KB) -

Piltene is the town where Jews first settled in Latvia in the start of  XVI century. See the ruins of Old castle of local bishop, the site where the synagogue was, the cemetery where the oldest remaining tombstone date back to 1760.

18.) Gostini-Jaunjelgava (Friedrichstadt)-Ilukste-Kraziai-Luoke (86KB) -

Sunny day of May in Gostini. Dr.Howard Epstein and his son Daniel from Atlanta, Georgia arrived to Gostini/Dankere/Glazmanka for to say kaddish at the grave of their grand and gr.grand-mother Chaya Vichna Genchel died in 1909. Then they came to Jaunjelgava for to look at the old streets, dwelling houses and the  cemetery. Ilukste: Holocaust site and the old part of the town. From Latvia- to Lithuania- old picturesque cemetery, the synagogue. Visiting Luoke enjoy nostalgic music, the cemetery, the cobbled streets, see the site of  the synagogue.

19.) Liepaja (Libau)-Vilnius-Gargzdai (Gorzhd)-Klaipeda (Memel) (396KB) -

From amber town, windy  sea-port Libau came to Lithuanian capital Vilnius, see Jewish sites of Gargzdai, from there came to Baltic sea town Klaipeda/Memel.

20.) Jewish Libau (216KB) -

Legendary sea-port, through which 500,000 Russian Jews started their way to USA, South Africa, Western Europe and Eretz Isroel. Lovely old buildings, the interview with the leader of local Jewish community in perfect English and with Holocaust survivor Mrs. Zivtson in Yiddish and German. The cemetery, the sea.

21) Laukuva-Shilel-Bikavenai-Vainutas (207KB) -

Very unique wooden synagogue of Laukuva and stoned of Shilel, old buildings, Jewish graves.

22.) Tryskiai (527KB) -

Tryskiai (Trishek) was populated with 2000 Jews in 1897. See the market place, the cemetery  and other Jewish sites.

23.Virbalis (231KB) -

The town had a very pro-Zionist community before WW2. The cemetery, Holocaust memorial and old buildings still remain.

24.Zemaiciu Naumestis (218KB) -

Z.N. was on the border with Germany (East Prussia) before WW2. This video includes visits to the market place, Jewish shops, old cobbled streets, cemetery and the Holocaust memorial.

25.) Salociai (198KB) -

This town, located  mid-way between Riga and Vilnius numbered 300 Jews before WW1. Come see the synagogue, the shtetl, and the nice rural landscapes of the area.

26.) Wizny-Lomza-Bialystok (286KB) -

Bialystok, is the home town of Itzhak Shamir and  Esperanto creator Ludvic Zamenhoff. This is where the pogrom of 1905 took place and the ghetto insurrection of 1943. See the olld cemeteries, factories, synagogues and monuments.

27.) Knyszyn-Trzcianne-Bialystok (409KB) -

About 3,500 Jews lived in Knyszin in 1897. The old Jewish cemetery and Jewish houses still remain. In 1897 about 98% of the population of Trzcianne was Jewish. If you have not visited this place in Poland you really should see this very emotional video.

28.) Bobruisk-Minsk (555KB) -

Listen to the old anecdote: “Half of the population of Bobruisk are Jews.- What about another half?- Another half are Jewish women.” If  Minsk is the official capital of Belarus Bobruisk  is famous as the former Jewish capita. See the cemetery of Bobruisk, the synagogues, schools, local market and  Jewish community center. In Minsk see the old Jewish quarter and visit the Jewish Museum.

29.) Minsk-Rakov-Volozhin (352KB) -

The life in Belarus is different not only from the life in Western countries, but also from any country of the region. Belarus is a true relic of the former USSR: authoritarian political regime and major social guarantees such as free education and health system. Discover the past and the present of the Jewish community , see synagogues and cemeteries, JCC and world-famous building which housed the former yeshiva of Volozhin.

30.) Old Film Chronicle from Latvia and Lithuania 1910-1946. (preview not available)

Includes 1910 Nicholas II visit to Latvia, Kaunas in 1926, Riga in 1920s and 1930s, Nazi troops in battles with Soviet Army in Liepaja in 1941, Holocaust in Liepaja, German troops enter in Riga July 1, 1941, synagogues of Riga in fire and Jews are beaten on the streets. Trial of Nazi criminals in Riga in 1946. On DVD.

31.) SUVALKI-BAKALARZEVO-INDURA-GRODNO, 45 minutes, color, with English commentaries on DVD (preview not available)

See Jewish cemetery of Suvalki and old streets of this Polish town. Then came to nice town Bakalarzevo and look at Jewish sites and nice landscapes. Then go to another country: Belarus. See big synagogue and majestic old Jewish cemetery on the high hill. Enjoy old streets and Jewish sites of Grodno.

32.) GRODNO-MOSTI-PESKI-VOLKOVYSK-GRODNO, 45 minutes, color, with English commentaries, on DVD (preview not available)

Admire big and white synagogue of Grodno build in XVI century and reconstructed 100 years ago. Came to small belorussian towns Peski. From there came to Volkovysk and see Jewish cemetery of the town. In this video inserted many old pictures of belorussian towns, escpecially of Volkovysk and Grodno.

33.) TALSEN (Talsi), 45 minutes, color, with English commentaries, on DVD (preview not available)

Talsen is one of the nicest towns in all of Kurland province and Latvia. See Jewish shops of the Glaser, Karp and Braun families. See cozy streets, monuments to 1905 revolution, cemetery with the graves of relatives of US actor Melvyn Davis (Hesselberg). This DVD also contains many pictures of Talsen from 1900 to 1910.

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