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 As the result of research you will receive

  • GENEALOGICAL REPORT  which includes a detailed summary of what I have discovered. I translate all information into English (or French, German or Hebrew). I include photocopies of the most important documents with the translation. I provide genealogical tree of your family. If it is available I provide a picture of your ancestral house or grave, If available I will give you a physical description of your relative. I will provide extracts from history books, police records, court documents, cemetery data, police records, lists of Zionists, revolutionaries, horse thefts, birth records, censuses, etc.

Click Here to Download Example of Genealogical Report in PDF Format

What Makes Me Different?

  • RICHNESS OF GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES. I search in more than one place. I have access to many different archives, libraries, museums, documentation centers, my personal data-base, historical books, old newspapers, and when possible in cemetery lists.  I seek diverse resources not just censuses and vital statistics, but also criminal records, revolutionary records, military draft records and so forth.. As the result you receive the a full view of the life of your ancestor as found in the various records.

  •  I HAVE ACCESS TO A WIDE GEOGRAPHICAL AREA FOR RESEARCH AND I AM READY WILLING AND ABLE TO TRAVEL FROM MY CENTRAL LOCATION. From my location in Riga I am able to find the records from any town or village in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Estonia and other neighboring countries. Plus I speak the local languages and I can read the old records.

  • I AM NOT AN AMATEUR, PROVEN PROFESSIONAL WITH OVER 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.  I  am a professional historian with diplomas from Latvian University and University of Burgundy (Dijon, France). Since 1994 I have been a contributing editor for AVOTAYNU, International review of Jewish genealogy, where were I have had many articles published about genealogical  resources in my region.


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