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  • Genealogical research - birth, marriage, death, place of residence, criminal, tax, passport, newspaper articles, etc.

  •  -Cemetery research any town in Eastern Europe

  • Search for Holocaust victims - I may be able to tell you where and when the person was murdered.

  • Search of missed heirs, estate investigation

  • Translation of old documents from Yiddish, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, German, Estonian, Polish, French.

  • Videos and pictures of ancestral villages and farms - any town in Eastern Europe.

  • Guided tours in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, or Belarus

  • Services offered in Deutsch, Francais and Hebrew

    • Tourism und genealogische/Friedhof Recherchen in Baltischer Landern mit Deutschsprachiger Exkursionfuhrer und Historiker

    • Genealogische Untersuchungen in Baltischer Landern; Tourisme in Baltischer Landern

    • Tourisme et les recherches genealogiques dans les Pays Baltes avec un guide et historien francophone

    • Guide fancophone en Lettonie; Guide francophone en Lithuanie

    • Family history, Jewish genealogy, Baltic History, Jews in Latvia, Jews in Lithuania, Jews in Belarus, Jews in Russia, Jews in Poland, History of Jewish people, Jewish people in Russia, Jewish people in Poland, Jewish people in Belarus, Jewish people in the Baltic states.

    • Let me help you find your relatives who perished in the holocaust. I can provide documentation of holocaust victims,  maps, dates, locations, photos and videos of historic locations.

    • Russian Jewish Last Names, Russian Jewish given names, how the names change from language to language. Let me help you find where your family name came from.

    • Genealogical research in Latvia, Jewish Genealogy in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Estonia.

    • Useful links-
      UK birth, marriage and death certificates.
      Jewish Genealogy resources and starting place

  • Note: Aleksandrs Feigmanis can provide care for and put in order your ancestor(s) grave(s) or cemetery. For fee information pleased contact him by e-mail:
  • He is also available to do a custom cemetery search on your behalf for any cemetery of the region.

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