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Riga Latvia City Tour
The Tour Takes About 5 Hours
Transportation can be arranged if required for an
additional charge at my cost.

Send Email to Aleksandrs Feigmanis, aleksgen@balticgen.com
My phone number is +371 2641 6972
(From the United States dial 011 371 2641 6972)

Click Here for Photos of Beautiful Riga

Your Guide Will Make a Gift to the Tour Group

DVD with 1910 - 1946 documentaries from Latvia and Lithuania

Short concertos of music of Marc Lavry and others

Picnic on the beach of the Baltic Sea with the best Riga's Kvass - a traditional  beverage of Latvian peasants made from rye bread

The documentary about the Latvian Jewish community will be shown.

Here I am showing Mrs. Goldstein an exhibit in a Riga Museum as part of a tour of Riga, Latvia.  I can tell you what the documents say. Come Join Me On a Tour of Riga

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Your Tour Can be Customized to Your Wishes and May  Include

  • Jewish Museum and Jewish Club.

  • Gorgeous art nouveaux buildings on Alberta Street.

  • The Childhood Home of Oxford Philosopher Isaya Berlin and world recognized film-director Sergey Eisenstein.

  • The 200 year old Verman Park and monument to Chess Champion Michael Thal. Nearby resided chess theoretician Aron Nimcovitch. Monument to Nobel Laureat in Chemistry, Wilhelm Ostwald.

  • Latvian University and the story of its students.

  • Liberty monument and Opera House.

  • Synagogue in Old Town.

  • Dom Square and Dom Cathedral.

  • Parliament, St. Jacob Catholic Church, and Three Brothers.

  • Powder Tower and Cat's House.

  • Museum of Occupation and Black Head House.

  • Stock-exchange, built in the style of a Venetian Palazzo.

  • The House of famous photographer Philip Halsman.

  • Russian orthodox church, built in 1818.

  • Holocaust Memorial - Di Greise Chor Shul.

  • The School of Jewish Craftsmen.

  • Warsaw Ghetto area of 1941-1943.

  • The first secular school in the Russian Empire, now Chabad School.

  • Altnaye Shul - Old and New Synagogue and Yeshiva.

  • Asylum for sick and poor Jews - the place of the pogrom of 1905.

  • Prayer House of Russian old believers

  • Riga Central Market - the greatest in the Baltic States.

  • Rumbula Holocaust Memorial.

  • Additional options include:

  • Riga Zoo,

  • Open Air Ethnograpic Museum,

  • Panoramic tower at St. Peter's Church,

  • Museum of Riga History,

  • Latvia's History Museum,

  • Art Museum




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