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Other Cities in Latvia of Historical Significance to Descendants of Latvian Jews

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Beautiful Baltic Sea in Mazirbe, Latvia. Black Bird is on his way to Estonian Islands 27 km offshore.

Morning on a cozy street of Liepaja (Liebau), Latvia

Ilena Ivanova, the leader of Liepaja Jewish community has tears in her eyes meeting cousins from the Bub Family of the USA, which left 70 years ago.

Tombstone of Simon Joseph Danzig/Danziger (1774 - 1853) in the Jewish Cemetery in Aizpute (Hasenpoth), Latvia.

Tourists with pottery they made themselves under the directon of pottery master Evalds Vasilevskis in his workshop near Kaunatea, Latvia

Golden Autum in Latvia

In Old Ventspils (Windau)

Synagogue of Kraslava, Latvia

Jewish Cemetery in Krustpils (Kreutzburg), Latvia

Kuldiga (Goldingen) - the Venice of Courland because of rivers flowing through town. Highest waterfall in Latvai is here.

Latvians leaving the Church of Salus (Frauenburg) by Janis Rozentals, 1894.

Talsi (Talsen) one of the most lovely towns in Courland. In 1897 there were 4,200 inhabitants among them 1,411 were Jewish.

October in Latvia - forest near Tukums, Latvia

Tombstone of Peter Mahler (1896 - 1901) in Jewish Cemetery of Kuldiga (Goldingen), Latvia.

Synagogue of Sabile (Zabeln), Latvia

Tomstone of Shlomo son of Meshe died in 1865 in Jewish Cemetery in Aizpute (Hasenpoth), Latvia

Street view in Daugavpils, Latvia

Synagogue of Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Latvia built in 1850

120 year old typical Jewish house in Gostini (also called Dankere and Glazmanka) in Dvinsk, Latvia

Street in the center of Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Latvia

Graves of great rabbis Meir Simcha Katz-Kahan and Rogachever Gaon at Daugavpils Jewish Cemetery.

Jewish shops in Griva near Daugavpils, Latvia. The Great Rabbi Abraham Isack Kook, chief rabbi of Palestine, was born in Griva in 1865.

Green synagogue of Rezekne, Latvia, built in 1850

Green Synagogue or Rezekne interior view.

Jewish School in Rezekne

Tourists on Makonkalns hill 35 km from Rezekne on the way to Dagda with Raznas Lake in background.

Rezekne Latvia street market

100 year old Russian bath house on Raznas lake. For $10 you can take steam bath and then jump into the lake.

Rezekne Jewish Cemetery on hillside.

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