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I can take you to Contiguous Countries including Belarus

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Jewish cemtery of Rakov, Belarus

Volozhin, Belarus, building that housed famous Yeshiva built 1803

Orthodox synagogue in Minsk, capital of Belarus before 1917 it was Valbushevitch Brewery

Rakov, Belarus view of city from Jewish Cemetery

Jewish cemetery of Volozhin Belarus

Market Place of Bobruisk, Belarus

Bobruisk, Belarus Synagogue

Old street in Kraisk, Belarus

Old Jewish cemetery in Kraisk, Belarus.

Typical houses in the shtetl in Radoshkovitchi, Belarus

Jewish cemetery in Radoshkovitchi, Belarus.

Street in Radoshkovitchi, Belarus

Jewish cemetery in Dolginovo, Belarus

Dolginovo, Belarus landscape.

Former synagogue in Dolginovo, Belarus

"Jewish shop" exhibition in a local history Museum in Zaostrovici near Kleck, Belarus

Old street in Iliya, Belarus

Jewish cemetery in Iliya, Belarus

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